Vehicle Reverse Cams, Parking Sensors & Cruise Control Systems

Integrated Reversing Camera Systems

We can supply and install a reversing camera system that is fully integrated to your Vehicle radio display.
The camera system works as soon as you engage reverse gear. A discrete rear mounted camera will display the image from the rear of the vehicle to the factory radio display offering you a clear reversing image.
• Using the rear view camera means you'll be able to maneuver easily, even into the most difficult parking space.
• The live image can alert you to something that has moved into your path like a pedestrian or another vehicle allowing you to avoid a possible collision.
• It also alerts you to low-down obstacles which parking sensors cannot always detect.
• The reversing camera is also a great help when you're hitching up to a trailer.
• Some models can also be enabled with easy to follow guide lines. These guide lines will move with the turning of the steering wheel and show you the predicted reverse path of the vehicle. (Active Guide Lines)

Professionally Installed from €750

Van High Level Brake Light Cameras

Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato, Opel Vivaro/Renault Master and Trafic, Mercedes Sprinter and Vito, VW Transporter, Crafter and Caddy. Toyota Pro Ace/Peugeot Expert,

Professionally Installed from €490

Rear View Mirror Monitors & Cameras

> Automatic activation when you select reverse gear
> High resolution 4.3" LCD display
> Looks and functions like a normal rear-view mirror> Auto brightness adjustment
> Uses existing mirror mount in most vehicles.
> Rear Camera Display
> Auto-dimming

Professionally Installed from €490

Parking Sensors

Cobra Automatic Front Parking Sensors (automatically activates at 5kph and deactivates at 15kph)

Customer Benefits
A Cobra Park Master parking System can deliver a multitude of Benefits to both private individuals
And light commercial vehicle operators, including:-
• Helping drivers avoid costly damage and vehicle down-time
• Protecting your vehicle and your insurance premiums
• Assisting the driver in difficult parking situations
• Reducing whole-life running costs
•  Helping light commercial vehicle operators to meet their Duty of Care Obligations

Front parking sensors professionally installed from €390


Rear Parking Sensors

PS Rear parking Sensors

> Multi Tone Buzzer 3 Volume Settings
> Self Test Function
> Intelligent detectable -Towbar/spare wheel function
> Sensor Beam height adjustable
> Outer sensor adjustable
> Detection range 0.2 to 1.5 meters

Professionally Installed from €240


Cruise Control Systems

The AP900 Cruise Control allows the driver to cruise at a desired speed by monitoring the vehicle road speed and by finely adjusting the vehicles throttle to maintain that speed.
The Speed Limiter feature allows the driver to select a maximum speed that they do not want to exceed (this feature is useful whilst driving in areas with average speed cameras and built up areas)

• Helps to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions (lowering your carbon footprint).
• Allows you to concentrate on the road and not your speedometer.
• Helps avoid unintended speeding.
• Allows you to set a maximum vehicle speed limit in safety camera enforcement areas.
• Reduce driver fatigue and enhance driver comfort.

Professionally Installed from €590